Saturday, June 13, 2009

Poem 1

"Cocktails at the Roosevelt"

Empty after all
Chasing victory
Beyond spring
Into early fall

Gentle souls
Lost midst recurring story
(sans glory)
Where lines blur
With indecent word
In polished stalls
Where 'suits' press thighs
Of children chasing highs.

Loose tongues roll
Sprinkling alabaster advice
From 'Atelier de Souls'
'Straight up, or over ice?'

Friday, June 12, 2009

Poem 5


I could slip into a black silk dress,
Rush into the streaming neon night -
Into the red streets,
Where danger winks 'round corners,
Beckons from doorways-
Calls us.

I could go there
And find you -

Poem 4

"Red Raw Love"

Show me the way
Into the night
Beyond moonlit parks
Into the night

Take me there
To the stillness
of love's landscapes
Where slow hand
Of artist's brush
Caresses pure white canvass

Into the night
Where time's soft tears
Fall upon white canvass
Pushing past raw red
Leaving palest pink.

Take me there-
Into the night
Show me the way
Into the night
With you.