Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poem 3

"Striking Distance"

Part 1
With a lover's kiss
Sealed inside her thigh
Comes his haunting kiss,
Awaits her aching cry.

Heed their story's moral-
So entwined they are,
He a swirl of coral,
She a winsome star.

Through night hills they creep,
Clawing toward black skies-
In vain, she pleads for sleep,
He confirms his lies.

Comes dawn with mystic dews
Steeped in lurid scent-
Glowing headlines? Wild reviews?
Not a mention; not a hint.

Part 2
White sun dries pain
Leaving red-raw space.
Gentle rustling rain
Erasing each trace.

On streets below
From a dark dank corner,
Hear again - faint hiss,
Smart rejoinder.

Crushed midst no moral,
Lost, they are.
He, a hissing swirl of coral,
She, a winsome star.

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