Saturday, January 10, 2009

Poem 9

“Uncle Love” - A Eulogy

Memories of Uncle Bob run far and deep - and he is forever laughing. He wears a short-sleeved shirt that hangs loose around his tanned arms. He clamps between his teeth, a thin cigar that he taps, to free an ash or to punctuate a Kentucky tale. Sleek hair peaks from beneath his wide-brimmed hat.

One summer day, he stands on his father’s lawn laughing with us children and watching his Elizabeth Ann. God, how he loves his “Lizbethann.” And his great love spills out so that all we children scoop handfuls and toss it to one another. This “Uncle Love” - this dream dust - touches us all and we laugh with our uncle - the Puck of our childhood.

If we catch this dream dust again and toss it back to him, surely he will laugh again for us when day grows dark. Oh, his laughter and his blessed “Uncle Love” will reach out to carry us back across summer lawns, all the way home.

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